Monday, June 18, 2007

My first KAL!!

The title says it all - it really is my first KAL -- I've been knitting for a while, but I'm still not that good. Trust me, I speak the truth.
I haven't had the courage (or the skill) to do more complicated KALs and I've always wanted to.
And now I've found one that is right up my alley - and I'm so excited!
I'm going to check my stash and find out what I have that I could possibly use -- and if there's nothing that satisfies me (highly doubtful) I will have to go buy some new yarn (highly probable)!


Marti said...

Hey Julie,
this is my first KAL too! It would be much more fun to shop for it than find it in your stash dont you think?

Kimber said...