Friday, August 3, 2007

Hi, I'm New To The KAL

Hello, I'm happy to have found this knitalong and joined in, looks like it will be fun. I've seen these lovely scarfs all over the blogs and had to give it a whirl. For this one I'm using two coordinating yarns (I noticed most are more contrasting) and am liking the result so far.

I'm hoping to get more inspired to finish this - although am a little overwhelmed with sock knitalongs at the moment - wish me luck!


Angelika said...

I like the way how the green always seems to stay on the same spot. Nice choice of color.

g-girl said...

it looks cool--I originally thought that the other color were beads because they only popped in specific spots!

Karin said...

Hi - I noticed that there was a definite pattern showing up there too , I hope it'll stay through the whole scarf 'cause I kinda like it :).