Tuesday, September 25, 2007

hi everyone,

My name is theresa (aka fibercrone) and I'm new to this blog. As soon as I saw a Chevron Scarf on Ravelry I knew I had to knit one. I got the pattern/book yesterday, my acceptance into this group today, (Thank you kindly.) so am all ready to cast on except for one small glitch. I can't decide which two colors to start with. Maybe STR lightweight Little Bunny Foo Foo and Spring Fling? I wonder how long the scarf would be with only one skein each.


Arianne said...

You can get a full length scarf with only one skein each of STR as I understand it. Haven't finished mine but I've seen plenty of blog pics of scarves that were plenty long using only two skeins
If you use Koigu KPPM which comes in smaller skeins you need 4 (2 each of both colours) but STR comes in bigger skeins so 2 is enough.

You'll need yarns with pretty good contrast and complementary colours. Colours that are too similar get muddy together.

Check out the Flickr Pool for the Chevron Scarf for a quick reference if you can.

fibercrone said...

Okay, imagine my head tucked and a mumbled, "Duh," about the yardage.

Thanks so much for mentioning Flickr. I just spent a pleasurable half hour looking through the pictures of all the pretty color combinations. theresa