Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A picture of my first Chevron

I finished this Chevron Shawl on the 14th of June, but just got its picture up. It is made from two colors of Lion brand Homespun and is 22" x 55" without blocking. I did it in a three stitch pattern instead of four.

I also have a scarf I am doing on the needles and it is in two colors of Jasmine. I will get a picture of it soon. Now that this shawl is done, I don't have to chooses between them as which one to work on! I am going to start another one soon though as we have several baptisms coming up at church. The new one will be all white and approximately 45" square for use as a baby blanket. I just love this pattern. Interesting enough to keep me going, mindless enough that I can do it during meetings.

And...We're Off!!

I cast on my scarf last night at knitting group - I was initially nervous about the STR Mystic Kelp and Lunasea when looking at them side by side in the skein, but once I wound them into cakes, I felt much better. When I cast it on, I was in LOVE!

(Sorry for the picture quality - I took it late last night...I was just so excited, LOL!)

This is my first Chevron - I can definitely see how you can't make just one!

My yarn arrived

I am so excited! I have enough for 2 scarfs. The colors on the left are cape cod memories and redwood forest and they are both from knitpicks. Very inexpensive yarn but I love it!
The other picture is rocky mountain dusk and Yukon. Those are the ones I cast on. It was not a knitting night for me last night. I was dropping stitches and very distracted by my children but I can hardly wait to get back at it today!

Hi there!

I've been working on and then dropping my chevron for a while now. Currently we are in the middle of a move across the country so it is packed away. It will be pulled back out next week and hopefully done soon since it is so close... 67 inches! It's made in only one color, Artyarns 105, but using two skiens to avoid pooling, which wasn't quite successful. The result is a kind of "impressionist" version of the Chevron. :P

Monday, June 25, 2007

Chevron started

Here's my Chevron so far :) I love it!!


So I emailed BMFA's to see where my STR is.... they said it should be shipping this week. I was like "WHAT?" It hasn't shipped yet? Grr.... so I'll have to wait about anotehr week or so, before being able to cast on... so until then, I'm checking out your Chevron Scarves and sitting here wanting to cast on!

Joining In....

Hi everyone! I'm Amanda, and I just got my STR this weekend - I'm using Lunasea and Tide Pool for my Chevron Scarf. LMKG came in the mail from Amazon, too, so I am ready to go! Just need to wind the yarn!

Can't wait to dig in and to see everyone else's scarves!

Yarn Purchased

Well, I made it back alive! lol You can see my yarn colors on my blog: What a trip it was, total sensory overload! but it was great. I also got the LMKG book and needles so I may cast on tonight, I can't wait!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Just want to say "Hi, I'm in"

Hi, I'm Angelika aka Knit Wiz and I'm glad to join such a great crowd. I'm happy to see the names of a couple of buddies on the list and I can't wait to cast on my scarf too. I haven't made my choice on yarn yet, but I sure get enough inspiration, seeing all the others floating around here. I hope on my next entry I can provide some pictures, until then ..... Happy knitting everyone.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

It's on the needles...

It's a start and on the needles...out here in the Pacific Northwest.
I'm using Knit Picks Memories in "Fly Fishing" and "Smores" colorways with my Clover US 5 - 9inch length bamboo needles.
Not the fastest knit, but a simple, memorable pattern that will be great when watching my summer-pick dvd's from Netflix.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

2 chevrons from 2 skeins of STR

Hey all! I've been a part of the flickr group for awhile and am glad to see a KAL for the Chevron Scarf. I've finished 2 so far:
Yep, they're almost exactly the same except for the length. These are STR Monsoon and STR Footzey-Foo. One was for me and one for my best friend. Mine ended up shorter than hers since I knit mine second. If you like more info you can read about it here and here. I have another one on the needles right now:
This is STR Lunasea and STR Lucy. I'm not so sure yet of this combo. Please give me your honest opinion - keep going or time to frog and try again? Thanks! Tiennie


Hi everyone! Just now getting around to posting since my first chevron scarf attempt was hideous and I ripped it out. I found a much (much) better color combo and here's what I've got done:


I'm using STR Mediumweight in Lunasea and Little Bunny Foo Foo. I really like how the pink, cream, and brown in the Foo Foo breaks up the aquas and greens in the Lunasea. Plus, the pink means that it will match my winter coat! WooHoo!

Chevron started!

Here is the start of my Chevron...I really like the color combination. I'm using Fleece Artist Merino Sock. The colors are Origin and Rainforest. Everyone's scarves are beautiful! I'm going to dig through my stash again to see what I can come up with for another. It seems that the wildest color combinations, ones that you would never think of putting together, turn out the best. Happy Knitting to All!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My Scarf Update

Here it is.. I love this pattern. I don't know how long it will end up as I am using koigu scraps from my Charlotte Shawl. I am hoping for at least a short scarf for myself as my Charlotte shawl was given to my Aunt. If not I have plenty of nieces I can gift it too.. I am spoiled with the Koigu yarn... I need to get more so I can knit some up for Christmas..

Ordered Yarn

I've been seeing everyone's Chevron Scarves on their blogs, and they are all so lovely. I just have to make one myself. I ordered some Socks that Rock, it seems that is what everyone is using. The colors I ordered are Puck's Mischief and Footzey Foo. I'm hoping that they work together, its hard to tell from the photos on the website how they will look in real life and I think the Puck's Mischief might have too much green and I can't really tell if Footzey Foo has any green. I have to finish a sock, then I'll be casting on.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I ended up casting on for my chevron last night. I had been wanting to get other projects under way before starting this one but that obviously didn't happen! Here are my cakes: and here's what they've created together. :) I'm not quite to the point where I've memorized the pattern but I'm slowly getting there. I'm also still unsure of my color combo. I originally had cast on with fire on the mountain but I wasn't happy with the colors that were popping out so I frogged and recast on with the farmhouse. It's growing on's such an amazing explosion of color!

My First finished Chevron Scarf

Finished Chrevron Scarf

Full Details here.

Hi Everyone

I'm Karla, and this is my first KAL, woo hoo!! I have been knitting for almost a year. I just figured out how to make hats in the round, I am working my way up to socks, and then I found the Chevron Scarf and it is all I want to do! Too bad my order from Blue Moon isn't here yet, soon I hope. After looking (and looking) at all the beautiful color combos on Flickr, I still couldn't decide between my 2 favorite combos so I got them both--everyone's favorite Watermelon Tourmaline and Farmhouse, and Covelite and Fairgrounds. I even took the plunge and bought a ball winder and swift, AND I went to my LYS and made them teach me how to knit in front and back of a stitch. This is just how badly I want to make this scarf. When everything comes and I start knitting I will post a photo, meanwhile I just wanted to say Hi!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Katie's Chevron Scarf

Here's my latest Chevron Scarf!!! I am really enjoying this pattern because it is so easy to remember and memorize! I'm in the process of moving and I must knit something to stay sane, BUT it must be easy to remember, in case I have to put it down for a few days! I love the colorways together. They are so much prettier in person!

The Yarn: Socks That Rock from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Fairgrounds and Chapman Springs (medium weight)

Needles : Size 5 Addi Turbos (16 ")

I am so addicted to STR now I went ahead and ordered MORE for another one!!!

I don't think I am going to make it as long as the pattern requires though. I simply cannot see myslef wrapping it around my head like that!

My first KAL!!

The title says it all - it really is my first KAL -- I've been knitting for a while, but I'm still not that good. Trust me, I speak the truth.
I haven't had the courage (or the skill) to do more complicated KALs and I've always wanted to.
And now I've found one that is right up my alley - and I'm so excited!
I'm going to check my stash and find out what I have that I could possibly use -- and if there's nothing that satisfies me (highly doubtful) I will have to go buy some new yarn (highly probable)!


Hi everyone, I can't wait to make this scarf! All of the colors you have chosen are beautiful. I am going to pick some yarn out this weekend. I'm heading to the Black Sheep Gathering where Blue Moon has a booth, yeah!! Looking forward to seeing all of your creations, Nelda

Hi Everyone!

Hello All!

I'm so glad I found this KAL! I really love this pattern. I'm getting ready to start my 1st Chevron using some Koigu from my stash. I'll post a picture tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's progress and color/yarn choices.

Take care!

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Hi Everyone! I'm Katie from Massachusetts. I LOVE this pattern! I currently working on getting a good picture for the blog! My scarf is in STR by Blue Moon Fiber Arts in "Fairgrounds" and "Chapman Springs"! I have to say I LOVE this and the STR yarn is fabulous! I even have MORE yarn for another!!!! Help! I can't stop!!! :) Picture coming soon, I Promise!


Hi everyone, my name is Kimber and I just cast on for the Chevron Scarf from LMKGs too.... I couldn't help myself! I am using Socks That Rock in "Monsoon" (this years sock club) and "Thistle". Here is the start of the scarf:


This is my first KAL! I am so excited I can barely stand it. I fell in love with this scarf when I saw it on Sue's blog. Then last week I got some books from the library...low and behold there was the pattern! I have spent day looking at it and wondering about the yarn I could use. You know how it much yarn to choose from. My best friend (non knitter) wanted me to knit her something out of Memories in Rocky Mountain Dusk and I had ordered some that got here this week. Man is that stuff a great colorway. The rich royal purple, dark blue, lavender and charcoal just really have caught my fancy. So I did what any good yarn addicted person would do. I ordered some more and also some in Yukon, Cape Cod and Redwood Forest. Now I have to decide which one goes first....RMD & Yukon or the other two...
Now I am stuck waiting on my yarn! At least I can watch everyone else progress as I wait.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


I am so happy I found this KAL. I am a seriously addicted Chevron Scarf knitter with two on the needles as we speak, so to speak.

The first one is being knit with two skeins of Seacoast Handpaint merino/tencel sock yarn in Orchid and Reef. The second one is being knit with two skeins of Socks That Rock in Monsoon and Watermelon Tourmaline. These pictures were taken two or three weeks ago, so the scarves are much further along than shown. I love this pattern and find myself going to my stash to see what other colors would make a good scarf. Thanks so much, Robyn, for starting this KAL.

Hi I am Debra

I am several inches into the scarf using scraps I had left over from the Charlotte Shawl Kit. I don't think mine will be as long as the one in the book as I started with less than 2 full skiens. I do have 2 skiens of lorna's laces yarns that I plan on using for a second scarf when this one is done. I just thought this was the perfect way to use my scraps of the koigu.
blessings, debra


Hi, i'm Barb thanks for making this KAL Robyn i've wanted too make this for awhile and here's my chance :) i'm using Fleece Artist Lagoon and a hand-dyed black/bright color mix i hope too start on it today :)

Friday, June 15, 2007



I'm Karen. I'm glad that this came about. I've been wanting to knit this scarf and this KAL gives me the perfect opportunity to do so. I have some STR in the stash that would be perfect for it. Looking forward to seeing everyones scarf.

Happy Knitting!

First KAL!

Hello! This is my first KAL, and it sounds fun! I have one color picked out, but when I have both I'll post a picture!


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Yarn Received! ;)

I'm so glad Robyn decided to start this kal! Though now I'm tempted to cast on for my scarf when I was going to wait a bit before casting on...Here's a shot of the colorways I will be using. I'll be using str 'fire on the mountain' and 'farmhouse' in medium weight. This is the first time I'll be working with str. Oh, and I am rhoda. ;)

Yarn Ordered!

I ordered Socks that Rock in Medium weight in colorways Fire on the Mountain and Black Onyx for my very first Chevron Scarf. I got the yarn as a gift for my birthday. I can't wait to receive it to start my scarf!

I'm Robyn, and I just started this KAL for the Chevron Scarf Pattern from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson. If you'd like to join in, send me an email at