Sunday, July 8, 2007

Look how much you've grown!

Usually little kids hear that from their not so favorite aunt, that wants to squeeze the heck out of them, but it's also true for this scarf. It's grown to a size of 33 inches in about a week.

Wow, like a weed. Well, I have to admit I have the advantage to all the other knitters in this KAL that I, the oddball, am not using sock yarn but some other mystery yarn I found in my stash and with those 5.5 mm needles it's really not a big deal to be zooming along. I have no idea how much yardage I get from these two balls of yarn, but I guess I'll figure that out at some point in time. Until then I'll be knitting and purling and watching this baby grow.


Julie said...

But it's so warm and fuzzy looking! I think I could wear it outside, even in the summer. But only for a second or two. It is pretty and great that you used stash yarn. Maybe you could bind off now and knit a hat or two from the yarn that is left?

Hobbygåsa said...

Those colours are lovely, and the scarf seems so soft. I agree that you need a hat in the same colours!