Monday, July 9, 2007

Progress Report

So here is how my scarf is looking so far:

I'm using Highway 30 and Lunasea, at first I didn't like how they looked but now I think it's grown on me because I really like how it looks. Also I'm wondering if anyone else's is sort of scrunched together where the 1st and last k8 f&b are? I'm hoping that a good block job will fix it. Hopefully I'm not knitting too tight.


Anonymous said...


mine is looking the same way so I have a feeling it's the way the pattern is and blocking should take care of it :-)

Julie said...

Ooh, I love those colors - they are so refreshing. I think, no I know my scarf will need some serious blocking, mostly because I keep scrunching it up and putting it in a plastic bag in order to protect it from my cats.

Kate said...

Blocking works wonders on it! Mine is set up in my spare room, drying as we speak!! I'll take pictures soon!

Sue J. said...

Mine is doing the same thing, so I don't think it's your knitting. I'm sure a good blocking will take care of it. I love your colors.

Anonymous said...

I had trouble with those same increases. I blocked the hell out of the scarf (I did use Koigu) and it still pleats at those increases. What to do next time? Larger needles? or as a previous post suggested using the M1 from the stitch below. I think I'll do both! Let me know how yours turns out.